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Personality Dimensions®

November 9, 2022 @ 9:13 pm

Personality Dimensions Workshop

The rapid changes in the economy are driving workplaces that demand effective working relationships. Personality Dimensions® creates a framework to effectively communicate goals and expectations. Employees are not energized when the focus is on toxic behaviours.

Personality Dimension® workshops highlight the values and strengths that each person brings and reinforces these in a positive framework. After attending the workshops, participants will have the tools founded on mutual respect. They will understand and strengthen communication creating strong relationships within the work environment and beyond.

Using the philosophy of understanding yourself and others, Personality Dimensions® motivates and inspires team members to boost effectiveness.

Upon completion of Personality Dimensions® workshops, participants will have a deeper understanding of themselves and others.

Application Sessions

Building on the successes created in the Introductory Program, Personality Dimensions®  workshops focus on specific team challenges and goals.  These custom-tailored workshops can be executed in conjunction with an Introductory Program, or as a follow-up session at a later time.

Conflict Management
In life and work, conflict is difficult to avoid, work through and successfully resolve.  By understanding the motivations behind our responses to conflict, the negative impacts can be minimized. The Personality Dimensions® Conflict Management Program offers practical solutions to help recognize and adjust to the diverse ways others will experience, manage, and seek to resolve conflict.

Leadership Development
Understanding and fostering leadership roles in the workplace is fundamental to the success of any organization.  The Personality Dimensions® Leadership Development Program helps leaders identify their work styles and preferences, and communicate more effectively with subordinates, peers, and customers.

Team Building
The Personality Dimensions® Team Building Program facilitates effective communication and understanding of team goals and objectives. This workshop examines the strengths and challenges of various communication styles.


November 9, 2022
9:13 pm